Bridget and Jake | A Magical Fantastic Beasts Summer Wedding

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a very deep love of Harry Potter and the Beatles. So when I met Bridget and Jake, it was as if fate said “Hey, here’s the perfect couple for you, I’m putting them right in your lap. Have fun!” When Bridget and Jake; a Beatlebrain, Harry Potter-loving couple, told me they were planning a 1920’s, Fantastic Beasts themed wedding, I was completely ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to see how they would bring this theme to life!Back in April, Bridget and Jake invited myself and Connor from Hoop House Creative (videography) up to Milwaukee for a day to shoot their engagement session. They were the perfect hosts! They showed us all around the city and took us out for a great dinner! I loved getting to know them on a more personal level!

Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing! From the maids 20’s inspired dresses, to the Niffler shaped (and butterbeer flavored!) cookies, to the little Pickett the Bowtruckles on each table at the reception, everything was just perfect! And to top it off, the reception was held at the Peoria Riverfront Museum where the current exhibit was Mythical Beasts! So perfect! Not to mention the raw emotion throughout the day…so many happy tears, many of which were mine because they had me crying all day! 😉

So thank you, Bridget and Jake, for allowing me to photograph this day for you! It brought me so much joy and checked an item off my bucket list!

Other vendors:

Assistant Photographer: Clare Zell

Reception Venue: Peoria Riverfront Museum

Ceremony: St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church

Florist: Heaven on Earth

Caterer: Kickapoo Creek Winery

Videographer: Hoop House Creative

DJ: Extreme DJs and Lighting

Hair and Makeup: Colleen Elser

Dress: Miss Ruby Bridal Boutique

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