One of my biggest regrets about my photography business is that I didn't start investing in myself sooner. When I first started this business I wanted to know as much as I could right then, but there weren't many local resources available. I spent soooo much time and money on trainings I found online that weren't exactly what they said they were going to be, or only explained just a little. I wish I had someone in my area that was willing to take me under their wing, give me some hands on explanations and experience, and teach me what I needed to know so that I could be confident right away using my camera and working with clients.

It took several years of piecing it all together before I really felt that confidence that I have now. And I don't want that for others. I want to be able to give you the tools you need to help you thrive in your art and your business. That is why I've decided to start offering mentoring sessions!  


Let's do this!  

1:1 Mentoring Session / 1 Hour / $200

This one-on-one session is an hour long and is set up like a Q&A session. Bring any question that you have about photography - whether it's about camera settings, shooting in manual mode, posing, marketing, etc. and we can discuss it. I'll never tell you that everything I say is the "right" way to do things, but it's what has worked for me and I'm willing to share that knowledge. Like I said, I wish I had had someone to tell me all this stuff when I was starting out! 

We can meet at a coffee shop, a park, my home or yours! And be sure to bring your camera because I am hands on! This session is what you make of it, so be sure to bring plenty of questions! 

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